Saturday, February 4, 2012


saarc countries

SAARC one is regional association in south asian countries. agriculture, health, tecnological support tranjection is main view of saarc.

SAARC Foundation History: Concept of the saarc come from Bangladesh. Former late president Ziaur Rahman is the founder of the saarc.

SAARC means South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.

Head Office: Kathmundu, Nepal
Chairman: Jigme Thinle(Vutan)
Genarel Secretary : Fatema Dina Syeed(MAildiv)
17th Confarrence: 10-11 November, 2011
Maldives ,Male
Official Website:
Official Language: English
Total member 8(eight)

saarc member countries are 1.angladesh. 2.India 3. Pakistan 4. Nepal 5.Shrilangka 6. Bhutan 7. Maldives (all are member from 8th September 1985) and 8. Afghanistan (member from 13 nov,2005)

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