Thursday, November 24, 2011

Definition of Constitution

What is Constitution?

Some definition of constitution I describe bellow

About the definition of constitution Aristotle Says, "Constitution is the way of the life the state has chosen for herself."

According to the Lord Bryce "The aggregate off laws and customs under which the life of the state goes on."(Book-Essay on Flexible and Rigid Constitutions)

Austin Ranney Says " A constitution is the whole body of fundamental rules, written and unwritten, and extra-legal, according to which a particular government operates."

According to K.C Wheare-"The constitution is the body of rules which and the organs through which government power is exercised."

C.F Strong says: " A constitution may by said to be a collection of principles according to which powers of government, the rights of the government and the relation between the two are adjusted."

Considering the above definitions we can say-"Constitution is the some basic rules that tell us how the country will be governed, how the citizens will be dealt with, what wil be the relations among they pillars of government."

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