Saturday, November 26, 2011

Twelfth Amendment Of Bangladesh Constitution

Twelfth Amendment

12th Amendment Bill- The bill was accepted on 18th September 1991. This amendment is second most important Amendment in the Bangladesh constitutional History. Political parties compromise to pass this bill. This amendment changes the form of the government.

Bangladesh returns to the parliament democracy. what is more, from side to side Article 59 of the constitution this act ensured the contribution of the people's legislative body in local government bodies, thus stabilizing the pedestal of democratic state in the nation.(Eleventh Amendment)

Salient Feature of the 12th amendment
Article 48 is amended and added that the president will not be the executive body and he or she will be elected by the vote of the Member of Parliament.
As a head of the state everything will be done in president's name he will be highly respected and remain the head of the state.
He or She (president) will talk to prime minister about everything except appointing a prime minister.
Article no 119 has amended and said that the election commissioner will service the election procedure. (Define Constitution)

Article no 50 was also amended and said that president can submit can submit his resignation to the speaker of the Parliament house.
Prime minister will able to distribute the ministers independently.
Article no 75 was amended and it is said that depending on the wining seats president can select leader of the largest party as prime minister. And request to form government.
Article 58 is Amended as that prime minister can advice any minister to resign if he does not obey prim minister's request the he/she(prime minister) can request President to fire the minister.(Nine and tenth amendment)

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