Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eleventh Amendment of Constitution

Eleventh Amendment

Last I have posted nine and tenth amendment of Bangladesh Constitution. And Now I am posting The amendment of Eleventh.

11th Amendment Bill-This amendment has accepted on 13th august, 1991. This amendment proposes to face a new complicated situation. Then the government has to resign public upraising so a Caretaker government Govt. was formed making Chief Justice Mr. Shahabuddin Ahmed as Chief executive. (Forth Amendment)

Soon After the general election he nodded to back his own post of Chief Justice. This Amendment added the article no 21 that said that the acting president can back his own post and all the steps during the mention period is legal. This Act ratified, established and validated each and every one powers exercised, every one laws and ordinances promulgated, all commands completed and acts and belongings completed, (Eighth Amendment Of Constitution)

and proceedings and procedures in use by the vice-president as temporary president for the period of the period among 6 December 1990 and the day (9 October 1991) of captivating more than the office of the president by the new President ABDUR RAHMAN BISWAS, accordingly voted beneath the amended requirements of the structure. The Act too complete and completed potential the come back of vice-president Shahabuddin Ahmed to his earlier position of the Chief Justice of Bangladesh(6th and 7th amendment)

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