Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fifth Amendment Of Constitution

5th Amendment Of Bangladesh Consttutiton

5th Amendment Bill: This amendment was passed to establish the legality of the work of then chief martial law Administration from 15 January to 6 April 1979.

The Amendment was passed 6th April 1979. This Act amended the Fourth agenda to the constitution by calculation a original subsection 18 thereto, which provided that all amendments, accompaniments, modifications, substitutions and omissions completed in the establishment for the duration of the period between 15 August 1975 and 6 April 1979

Verdict on it September 2005-The high court declared the 5th amendment of the constitution including martial law Regulation no VII of unconstitutional.

The High court declared at the same time the taking over of the power by all the governments august 15, 1975 to December 6, 1990 unconstitutional. But the court condoned all acts and legislations and action taken by those governments as passed and closed transaction with some exception.

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