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Rights In Islam

Women's rights In Islam

Introduction: Islam is a complete code of life. But he says that, although Islam provides women with rights and privileges sure, but can not observe equality between the sexes. In fact Islam is the only religion that the woman is in the same position with the man. As a general belief, the Holy Koran is addressed to mankind as a whole and not to one of the two sexes in particular. The rights and responsibilities of the male are equal to those of women, but are not corresponding with them. Because of their difference from the biological point of view, the man began in many aspetti.Che What does equality mean? : Equality can usually request that-Men and women should have the same field activities; - These support the same responsibilities in all spheres of life, and in the same place-They società.Ma their physiological structure, the their duty entrusted by nature and psychological disposition does not support these affermazioni.Così, equality between the sexes does not mean the same rights and same obligations and responsibilities fairly equal in the light of Holly Quran means fair good man and a woman known by Allah according to the needs of the natural world of which he is a producer of Allah.(Freedom of Press)

Gender equality in Islam: the Qur'an is very specific construction man and woman equal in rights, duties and responsibilities. And enunciate all aspects of human life around the world, man and woman were properly positioned in their respective position in thought with their opportunities and vincoli.1. Woman-the equal partners of men: women are the equal partner of women in this land and later. As Allah said, are your garment and you are their leader, (2:187). In another verse, Allah says: "you enter the courtyard, you and your wives, in beauty and joy." (43:70). so, the man and woman are treated equally with every boss altri.2 Quran. Some of origin: the man and woman are quite equal to any further in their origin, their home as healthy as their place of return and as such similar rights to free and equal. The Holy Quran says: "He is formed (all) by one person, then created 'as the natural world, his mate ... (39:6) .3. Responsibility, rewards and punishments: A woman is equal to gentleman in bearing personal responsibility and ordinary and receipt of reward and punishment for his good manners.( Students Politics)

The Holy Quran says: 'And they accepted their supernatural beings and respond to them:' Never will I lose any of you work, both the ladies or women, you are members one of another ... "In another verse Allah says:" as for the thief, male or female, cut off the hands sue.4. rights to own property: the 'Man and woman are equal in human rights, to own property and arrange as you want. They are free to mortgage it, to give it on lease, let, buy or sell or exploit for its refund. The Holy Quran says: 'And men a fortune from what they earn and to women a fortune from what they contain earned "(4:32) .5. Rights of succession: In pre-Islamic society. The woman was not only disadvantage of a share of the inheritance, but he was considered property to be inherited by men. Islam completes his heir. If you are a partner or mother, sister or child, who receives a certain share of the property of the deceased king. The Holy Quran says: "The man belongth share what parents and near relatives to leave and up to belongth women a share of what parents and near relatives leave." (04:07) In some instances man receives two shares and one woman. The reasons for such a distinction can be summarized as below: Firstly, it is man's duty by law to assume all financial responsibilities and maintain his family, wife and relations private.In Secondly, the woman is monetarily fixed and previsto.In Thirdly, the woman gets more in the form of dowry, etc. continuitàIn Fourthly, if the woman was given equally to men, you could remove the man who has had more responsabilità.(Leadership)

6. Married life: Islam has recognized women as an associate of the men in their married life that enable them to lead a full of mercy, love and affection. The Holy Quran says: 'And in the midst of his figure is that he has created for you by yourself, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and made love and compassion between the (hearts)' ... (30:74) In another verse, Allah says: "And the people who pray," Our Lord! Grant us wives and children who will be the calm of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous (25:74) In another verse, Allah says: "To live by them (the wives) of a foot equality and goodness "(4:19) is also enjoined:" And do not forget liberality among you "(2:237) .7. State nursery: In Islam, caring have given a certain degree on the father who is clear from the Hadith. In the Holy Quran along with the priest and the mother was treated in the same way to be privileged by their sons and daughters. The Holy Quran says. "We have enjoined on man sympathetic to his parents, the pain made her look after him and beat him in pain she gave birth." (46:15 of 17:23, 04:36) 8. The guilt of original sin: Unlike other style beliefs, Islam does not blame Eve alone for the first sin. The Koran makes it very clear that both Adam and Eve sinned. The Holy Quran says. "But the mail caused them (both) to divert there or after them and expelled from the (happy) state in which they are" (2:36) (Secularism)

9. Veil: Islam has completed the requirement for male and female to keep purdah. As the Qur'an says: "Tell the believing men that they should lower their gaze and protecting their modesty, that will do a better cleaning for them, Allah is well acquainted with everything they do. (24:30)." And to say that women should reduce their watch and guard their modesty. And they should not display their beauty and ornaments bars that seem the same .... (24:31) But the only difference between men and women is in the form and degree of purdah because of the difference in the structure corporea.10. Right of witness: In some examples to bring the viewer to some civil contracts, two men are required or one man and two women. The reasons for this difference can be summarized / grouped as follows: a. This is no indication they are women inferior to men rather a measure to guarantee the rights of the parties soffocanti.b. Women lack experience in practical life that can cause damage to any aggregation sociale.c. If the woman forgets another amazing would ricordato.d. Or, if you make a mistake due to lack of experience, information, help each other to the right of lei.e. The suicide rate is among the women who indicate they are more emotivi.(Micro Credit)

Conclusione: now it is clear the status of women in Islam is the first time high and realistically suitable to her character. His rights and duties of man are the same people, but not automatically or absolutely identical with them. If she is deprived of everything that is in some respects is fully compensated for this through more things in many other aspects. His human rights correspond perfectly with his duties. The balance flanked by rights and duties is maintained and not overweight, the other sides. The whole woman was known by the following Quranic verse: "And women shall have rights equal to the rights against them according to return? Be fair, but the man has a sum over them (2:228. Moreover, the Qur'an says: "The man is with the indictment of women .... (4:34) But this claim does not have a degree and title of supremacy or an agreement or a dominant position over her . 's just the exchange of letters with extra chores and give man a little' reimbursement for its commitments illimitati.Undo edits

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