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Students Politics

Politics In Bangladesh

Students Politics in Bangladesh: an observation

Introduction: Education is the backbone of a nation. But most of the time following our leaders overlook this truth. They favor their play rough on educational policy. Instead of pen guns promote student. So, today our educational institutions are not supported for education and aptitude rather than guns and gatherings. However, our students have a great story when they played a leading part in making the nation free from overseas occupation, repression and to establish human rights of the people. Then student organizations to be oriented to the interests of students, and the best welfare of the nation. But over time, became the association earlier of the following parts. Today the best of our politicians are playing a double game. When towards the students to stay away from politics. In case of opposition, on the other hand, want to take a top in politics. The current debate on the ban on student organizations is also the effect of the double standard of our politicians.(what is leadership)

Political history of our students: An organization Students of our country has a long history and magnificent. Students have played a significant role in the anti-British movements against repression in Pakistan, linguistic group, Anti-Ayub movement of '60, six trips to the point, people upsurge'69, after all, during our War of Liberation. At that time, the policies of the student had a -

First, the tyranny progestin, oppression, injustice, etc.
Second, protect the welfare of students.
After the liberation, our students have been alienated into two camps. First, the investor and the second faction, the faction of the left.
After the brutal murder of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 1975, the political character of the students has been changed a lot. In the first phase of the military regime, there was a link shortest among the best students and the head of state. Here the President was right to support students. So, there was an addition to horizontal between political parties and student organizations at his place of vertically.
In the second phase of the military regime, the students became more political opportunist. During this period, the leaders of at least two students were full ministers.

Gradually, with the advent of civil society against the military government, student organizations became partners in support of the parties. Then student organizations became the home of the national political authorities that provide strength and money to terrorist activities alongside the government.

So, after the conquest of the Ershad government, the dependence of political parties in student organizations on their allies was enormously greater. The two rival parties, the BNP and have made their efforts to sponsor all student organizations if they use them against each other. Thus, during the rule of BNP in 1991-96, most of the universities were under the control of JCD. But with the dethronement of BNP in 1996, JCD has been replaced by Chatra Leauge (BCL). At present, Chatra in use since the control of the whole educational tradition survived their opponents. They are doing the same things, as done by Chatra League.
The current trends in student politics: With respect to political pre-release of the students, the nature and individuality of our organizations present day students were very distorted.
First, at present, the political attention of students as an important basis of political authority in national politics. Students are now influential not only in their own organizations, but also in their parties.

Secondly, the policy now in one day for students is neither people nor education, but is supported obliquely oriented to personal interests and power. Their movements are not for students, but only to reinforce their position in the site. They are student leaders, rather than power elite of our society.

Thirdly, in the past, students had a complaint against oppression, cruelty and injustice. They were moving next to the brutality of humanity. Unfortunately, these characters have changed our students' organizations existed. Today, students are not criminals, they are brutal killers. The majority of crimes in our society have been devoted, directly or indirectly, by the students in his place in so-called bad policy. The type of our daily politics of the hands of students in a hireling, rent-seeking, aggression and crime to love.(Definition of secularism )

Fourth, another significant trend of political discussion among our students is a rival student organizations take to organize a specific region or institution. For this, they also do not hesitate to kill their opponents. The most devilish because their behavior is that sometimes kill their pictures only to create an alarming situation in their individual institutions.

Fifthly, all the terrorist groups of students are booked by politicians who use them to effect their position within and outside the party. Sometimes, the villages of student organizations of equality with those of political party affiliation.

Sixth, students question the very Large 'leaders' rising arrest, manipulate jobs, build up and climb aboard the reimbursement scale socio-economic, including the seats in parliament. Thus, the various fronts of the students are only a likeness of the main political parties whose immediate goals have more to do with seizing authority and enjoy it while it lasts.

Controversy over the ban on student politics: During the domination of AL President Justice Shahabuddin was admirable to recommend policy to prohibit students. Then the government Awami Leage was to preserve themselves by saying that I also agree with the president but he needs the cooperation and agreement between the parties patronizer. The current prime minister also said that his government would ban student politics, but it is necessary to bring the academic environment of our educational institutions. His statement has created a controversy on the issue. One group has taken its position next to student politics, while others, including opposition AL are also banned.(micro credit)

A. Arguments against the students who take part in politics: The arguments are generally made against the students who take any interest in politics are as under:
1. The students are young and it is likely that they will be easily misled by intelligence agents of political parties. Even the current state of student politics in our country is enough to prove that assertion.

2. Through the active participation of students in politics, students are derailed today and the educational institutions of our country have become battle grounds. Students are more familiar with guns than books. So, if we fail to make education free from politics would be left behind in this ever changing world.(Electronic Government)

3. Those who support the proscription of student politics, the students argue that politics is the root of many socio-political crime and disorder in the country. It 's become a danger to the orderly development of our youth.

B. The arguments in favor of students who participate in politics: Those who support the policy of the students, submitted the following topics:
1. If students take away from politics altogether, politicians remain children even when they are grown. Then they will be more easily misled later in life because of their lack of knowledge and inexperience.
2. Historically our students role-plated magnificent national liberation, progress and development. They were the pioneer in making the nation free from dictatorship in 1990. Thus, every effort to keep students out of politics may have some grounds, but in the long run can cause enormous damage to the nation.
C. Sometimes, the reasons given for the banning policy students are challenged by the fact that ---
1. Why are efforts to ban student politics was not treated as an attempt to hide the failure of the government in striking and punish the terrorists?
2. Does not the prohibition of political pressure from the students in the national politics?
3. The ban on student politics means identification of student politics and also irresponsive to a non-politician. Do you?
4. Will it help to eradicate terrorism from society?
Final Comment: Despite the above discussion, in particular influence facour and against the policy of the students, we must not forget that the main duty of a student is to remember his lessons and not to take part in public affairs. He is to gain the knowledge to train his mind and to prepare him for the duties of life. If you take too high a share of the political relations, which can not deviate from its main occupation. However, there is a demarcation between attractive intelligent attention in politics and taking part in public affairs. This line should never be disturbed.(caretaker government)

Moreover, it seems clear that what our political parties are doing is not only profligate, but also completely illegal. So our political parties should ensure that they will keep any relationship with the student organization. Otherwise, all work must be translated only dubiousness and discontent.(women Rights)

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