Monday, December 5, 2011

What is Political party

Meaning and definition of political party

Dear Visitors I am post some famous definition of political party. Few times ago I have posted some important definition of constitution, concept of democracy, definition of political science and Globalization.

Political party:

Political party is the main foundation of democracy.

According to Professor Barker -"A party is a particular body of opinion (otherwise it would not be party), which is none the less concern with the general national interest and which forms, and present to the choice of the electorate a program of general scope and width." {Book-The study of political science and its relation to cognate studies.}

Edmund Burke said about political party-" political party is the body of men united promoting, by their joint Endeavour's the national interest upon some particular principle in which they are all agreed."

R.M Macciver said political party is - "We may defined a political party as an association organized support of some principle of policy which by constitutional means endeavors to make the determinate of government."[Book-The Modern state,p-396]

According to R.C Gettel, He said about political party-"A political party consist of citizens more or less organized who act as political unit and who by the use of their voting aim to control the government and carry out their general policies."(book-politician science,p-327)

Professor Alan R. Ball define a easy and small definition about political party-"Political party may be defined by their common aim. They seek political power either single or in co-operation with other co-operations with other political parties.

Now we can say about political party that- Political party is which have some ideal and opinion to form a government and serve people.

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