Monday, December 5, 2011

What is Political science

Definition of political science

Dear Viewers, Here I just post some Important Definition of political science. You can get here just some definition. Otherwise nothing.

"Politics" word comes from the Greek word "polis". This Means "City state"

The father of the political science Aristotle says, "Political science is the master of science."

According to Famous State scientist George Caltin- Political science is the study of the act of human and social control.
State scientist Professor laski says, "The study of polities concern itself with the life of man in relation to organized state."

Jarman Philosopher J.K Blunschli says, political science is "the science of state."

State scientist Paul Janet give a nice definition of political science. He says-"Political science is the part of social science which treats the foundations of the state and the principles of government."

According to Robson to his modern view- "Political science central of the straggle to gain and retain power , to exercise power or influence over others or to resist that exercise."

Dr. Garner said- "political science begins and ends of the state."

According to E.M White- Political science is that branch of human knowledge which deals with everything relating to a citizen, past, present, and future, local, national and human."

Note: Dear students-This article is help you just the definition of political science. or if the question is- What is political science then you can chose this definition for you answer.

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