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Concept of democracy and Development

Democracy and Development

Introduction: The former Secretary General Kofi Annan said: "Good governance is perhaps the most important factor in eradicating poverty and promoting development." Worldwide, more and more people realize that the meters for the development of governance that the rules of the institution and political processes play a key role in both economies are growing, the children go to Scholl, promote the development of human speech or back. There is a growing conviction that many development problems illustrate the situation of persistent governance. In the democratic system of governance effectiveness of the rules of political institutions and processes involving transparency, participation, responsiveness, accountability and the rule of law. All are important for development, especially since school usually ineffective causing damage to the poor and vulnerable. However, democracy development, especially human development, should also worry about whether the institutions and rules. for three reasons, must also worry about whether the institutions and rules are correct and if all people have a say in how they operate:

1. Participating in the rules and institutions that shape those communities is fundamental human right and part of human development.
2. More inclusive governance can be more effective
3. Participatory governance can also be equitable.

Concept and development of democracy: democracy is an ideal based on universally recognized values ​​common to all men regardless of cultural differences, political and social or economic. As an ideal, democracy aims to protect and promote the dignity and fundamental human rights instill social justice, promote the economic and social development.

Besides, democracy, as a logistics system, allow people to freely choose an effective honest, transparent and accountable government. Democracy is better on two main principles:

Participation and accountability: it presupposes a genuine partnership between men and women in business or society. Democracy is also inseparable from human rights is founded on the rule of law, for which the judicial institutions and independent, impartial, effective monitoring mechanism of the guarantors. Thus, prerequisites for a democratic government involves well-structured and well-functioning, including establishment of a parliament representing all parts of society. A company active cycle is also essential to encourage the host to the genuine exercise of participatory rights.

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The concept of development is also multi-dimensional and constantly changing. At the current development is not simply the increase in growth of income per capita. Furthermore, the development is now for the people, the development, rather it means the development of the people themselves which is commonly known as human development. The traditional identification of human development index is to be criticized. Why, they overlooked the freedom of political participation in the life of those communities and physical security. But such capabilities as universal and fundamental as to be able to read or to enjoy good health. They are valued by all people and without them other choices are foreclosed.

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