Monday, December 5, 2011

What is Pressure Group

Definition of Pressure Groups

Pressure group is not a political party. They Pressured government for their interest. So Some State scientist (Almond, Powel, H. Ziegler, David Truman and G. Wooton) Called it Interest Group.

Some Important Definition of Pressure group:

According to H. Zeiggler -"Pressure group is an organized aggregate which seeks to influence the context of governmental decisions without attempting to place its members in formal governmental capacities." (Book-Interest group of America)

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Almond and Powel said about Pressure group- " By interest group we mean a group of individuals who are linked by particulars bonds of concern or advantage and who has some awareness of these bonds." [Book-Comparatives politics]

According to Professor Alan R. Ball- " A pressure group can be defined as a group whose members hold share attitudes." He also said that "Interest group can be defined as those groups in which shared attitude of the members result from common objective characteristics. e.g. all the members of the groups are plumbers bank executives farmers etc. [ Modern politics and Government]

On the other hand S.E Finer This is a Lobby group. So some Philosopher means it Pressure group, Non-political and organized group

(Definition of political science

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