Wednesday, December 14, 2011

what is bureaucracy

Definition of bureaucracy

The portfolio consists of official personnel to organize and coordinate the public administration system is a bureaucracy. Some famous definition are below-

According to Professor Pfiffner and Presthus-" Bureaucracy is the symmetric organization of task and individuals into pattern which can effectively attain the end of group effort."

Almond and Powel said about bureaucracy -" When we speak of bureaucracy we are referring to the relatively elaborate organization through which the rules or rule-makers seek to implement there decision ."

Paul H. Appleby said- Bureaucracy is inseparable from the phenomenon of systemic interaction of many persons associated in common and complex terms."

Professore H. Finer give a nice definition of bureaucracy that-"The civil service is a professional body of official permanent paid and skilled.

Conclusion as the above transformation is called, the bureaucracy and the administrative system of the basic part of state, cabinet official and their operations are under the administrative system is permanent bureaucracy

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