Wednesday, December 14, 2011

what is convention

definition of convention

Different writers have different describe of conventional formal definition. The highlight is the following -

K.C. Whear said that-" By convention is meant a whole collection of rules which through not of the law, are accepted as binding and which regulate political instituions in a country and clearly form of part of the system of the government."
(book- Modern constitution)

According to professor Diecy-" Convention are the rules of determining the mode in which the dictionary powers of the crown ought to be exercised.[book-Law of the constitution.]

G.Maeshall and G.C. Moodi said that-"conventions are the rules of the constitutional behavior which are considered to be binding by and upon those who operate the constitution, but which are not enfold by law courts."
[book-some problem of constitution]

According to professor Ogg-" convention are those understanding, practices and habits which alone regulate a large portion of the actual relations and operations of the public authorities."[book-English government and politics]

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