Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Libya’s Their Future

Libya's Situation after Gaddafi

Why the people in the oil north of receiving what time you are over the means of subsistence and not get paid anything? "Said Hisham Hamadi. The fleshy, vigorous legal representation was a discussion of activists face or tense after Libya three amazing (or Berber), those communities Nafusa mountains, the coastal town west of Zwara, and the Tuareg of the Sahara wasteland. And it was the Tuareg that Hamadi Nafusan was what time it attractive to the spine of the injustices visited upon them here in their assets de facto

The dusty town of 50,000 in the Western Sahara, earlier in Mali and Algeria to Tripoli and Benghazi, the city was virtually previous Libya to be unconventional by the rebels. many foreigners, counting the other Amazigh, Obara continued to charge that Qaddafi pending the conclusion. over some of the speakers countered that the Tuaregs in any way supported totalitarianism, but the reality is that the Libyan Army brigades and two Obara based paramilitary outlaws by the members of Qaddafi were surrounded by few service options this on the poverty area. one protester Tuareg confined Akaty Abu Bakr, said 138 soldiers were killed Touareg for refusing instructions to fire on civilians. But perhaps like many of 300 men were killing Obara hostility to the government years, a number of terrible physical attack Gaddafi Misrata and other Tripoli protecting the innovator.
It is effective that each stakeholder in the discussion gave their consultation in Arabic, Amazigh dialects are not mutually comprehensible. There are ethnic differences and rewarding as well. The Tuaregs, top, folding, and dark skin, do not come to be on the reserve as of the Amazigh Zwara and mountains, with their Mediterranean complexion and many different body types. ethnically, the northerners are far more embedded in today's world, and those at the meeting wore suits of commerce in the West. many residents of southern trees conventional floor-length coats, full, Mali, in a colorful colors. conceivable ten percent closed their front.
a number of Sahrawi abandon the thought of the limits of the country, stressing that they are marked in the middle of Algeria, Mali, Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso and other African nations . But despite the fact that Amazigh easily demonstrate their pan-national flag, often the mortification of their Arab neighbors-country Amazigh is not the biological mother possible. still in Libya, the two main areas of the resolution are distant by about a thousand kilometers.
circumstances are often dire in southern Libya. Gaddafi went to high school 200 km away mostly Arab-Sebha, a city of 350,000, but if he takes a shower all the munificence of the municipality, it is unbreakable to discover. Sebha is best described as an abandoned compost with the accessories of a core-city provisions, cafes, hotels, banks. The two-lane road sandwiched between Sebha and Obara situation is shredded. The best street in Sebha, north of Tripoli, is roughly marked, with no stations for extensive review of over 150 km.

Obara is a huge transaction cleaner and more good-looking as Sebha. But his constituency like the lean profitable Afghanistan over northern Libya small Mediterranean towns. little boys tempting cakes on sale around full by their mothers at the same time women Amazigh wasted wasteland turn on lots of unconventional advertising gateway attach toothbrushes, spices and powders unexplained from the south. A crowd of unhappy men meet every daybreak in the facade of the implementation of the repository, boring to withdraw their salaries directly deposited (they are incomplete captivating dinners or 750 for $ 600).

The owner of one of Bangladesh's clothing stores for men in the city told me that the notable lack of local people is belied by the thriving trade in individual traffic. Transport personnel African Tuareg of Mali and Niger in the north through two days of shipment transportation from start to finish in the arid region of the Niger border. a number of dealers have an amount sufficient to pay 450 dinars a chuck on the mode set to its accumulation, which required long-established clothing works 70 dinars, or $ 50. He stressed in addition that "99 percent of the population" by the support of Gaddafi.

Southern Libya does not give the impression that the position of each of about chances for democracy to get a starting place, and an indication of this is the function of women. Very few women are on the Avenue of Sebha and Obara, yet altruistic organizations prosperous northern harmless women are missing currently. There are only 22 women in 60 people Obara civil society Taminek assembly ("agreement" in Tamazight). Khamin Sonia, 20, said that women "have no constitutional rights" in Tuareg culture.

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