Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fifteenth amendment Of Bangladesh Constitution

Fifteenth amendment the last amendment

15th Amendment: The Parliament of Bangladesh, the Jatiya Shangsad passed the constitution 15th amendment bill 2011 on 30 June 2011 at amend it s constitution under which the caretaker government system for holding general election was scrapped. The bill which contains 15 proposals was passed by the division vote with a majority of 291-1.However amendments moved by ruling alliance opposing Islam as the state of religion and religion based politics were rejected. Islam has been retained as the state religion along -with Bismillahi-ar-rahmanir-rahim.

Salient feature of Fifteenth Amendment, Highlight of Fifteenth amendment: salient feature of the 15 amendment of the constitution passed by the parliament.
*Caretaker government system abolish.*Election to be held under incumbent cabinet Islam as state religion and Bismillahi-Ar-Rahmanir-Rahim retained.*Revival of article 12 to restore secularism and freedom of religion.*the people of Bangladesh shall be known as bangles as nation and citizens of Bangladesh shall be known as Bangladeshi.*Inserted article 7a and 7b in the constitution after the article 7 in a bid to end take over of power through extra-constitutional means.*Basic provision of the constitution are amendable.

*In case of dissolution parliament by any reason election be held within 90 days of such dissolution. Increasing the number of women reserve seats 50 from existing 45.*The supreme command of the defense services shall vest in the president and the exercise there of shall be regulated by law.*The chief justice shall be appointed by the president and the other judges appointed by the president in constitutional with the chief justice.

*The portrait of the father of the nation bangabandhu sheikh mujibur rahman shall be preserved and disply in the offices of the president, the prime minister, the speaker and the chief justice and in head and branches offices of government and semi-government offices. autonomous bodies, stativity public authorities, government and non government educational institution, embassies and mission of Bangladesh abroad.*Incorporation of historic speech of the father of nation sheikh mujibur rahman on march 7,1971, declaration of independence by bangabondhu after midnight of march 25,1971and proclametion of independence declared at mujibnagar on april10,1971.

Conclusion : It is clear that the last 40 years our constitution has experienced Fifteen amendments which is very high rate comparing to many other countries democratic countries. It prove the shorts slightness of our political leaders and the quiche shifting of our priorities. A constitution is a sign of national prestige. so we should keep it above our personal and political interest.

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