Sunday, December 4, 2011

What is Globalization?

Concept of Globalization

Introduction: Globalization is a term that has come to be increasingly used in recent years, and often so imprecise. This is a complex process that goes on for countries in the progress of international trade on a large scale and rapid communication. As a force that connects people worldwide increase in trade, investment, information technology and communication. Globalization is affecting business in domestic and international countries. Today, internationally dispersed socio-economic policy is turning into an integrated one. However, globalization has brought the mixture to influence the national economy, politics, society, ecology and the family of developing country like ours.

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Concept of globalization / What is globalization in general, globalization highlights the issue of territorial jurisdiction and the issues related to governance, economics, identity and community. around this theme, there are three common understanding of the term globalization.

The first, identified as globalizations an increase in cross-border relationship.

Second, globalization is an increase of the ratio of open border.

The Third, as globalization as an increase in the ratio carrier. In this regard, Professor Dr Nayyar said: "It 'not only associated with a movement of growing cross-border goods, services, capital, technology, information and people, but also with an organization of economic activities, which straddles national boundaries. "

However, for convenience of analysis, the manifestation of globalization, many may be grouped into six categories:

1. In the field of air transport communications, telephone, computer network, radio and television enable people anywhere in the world to have direct contact only with each other regardless of distance and territorial borders.

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2. In the area of ​​organization, the end of the twentieth century saw a proliferation and expansion of businesses, civic associations and regulatory agencies that function as the operations of the border lakes.

3. To the movement of trade in goods and services most of the countries today is part of a marketing exercise world, trans.

4. In terms of financial globalization is the spread of various amounts of financial instruments that circulate electronically every where and every where in all the sake.

5. With regard to ecology, globalization has brought a number of anthropogenic alterations to the environment that are not bound by distance or limited by borders.

6. As for consciousness, people conceive the world as one place, such as affiliate with religious communities, race, faith etc.

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