Saturday, May 12, 2012

Women Rights

Introduction: Loss of power of women in a stain on civilization person. Due to the short position of women, about half the population of Bangladesh has gone back into the twilight. Women's access to the position of pressure and is normally limited, and their job choices more limited, and they earn less than men and struggle to merge the activities outside the home with their conformist position. Knowledge is primarily rooted in the division for women's worth it for something, but their reproductive role. Illiteracy, low life expectancy, low share of the workforce, not the possession of the land, the highest unemployment rate, high birth rates, death, forming a vicious cycle negative affects women in Bangladesh. Thus, in spite of his being found in freeing women and education, women in Bangladesh are politically out of use, oppressed socially, legally and technically private unnoticed. In other words, women are abandoned in almost all spheres of their lives and lack of empowerment of women

Bangladesh is derived from this scenario insensitive society.
Concept of empowerment: Although the phrase does not have a definition of empowerment pot still, is repeatedly used to articulate a process in which the weak or powerless acquire a stake in improving the management of resources and the trial verdict. Batliwoala defines empowerment as a process through which the universal and destitute women in meticulous tend to increase control over resources and ideology. And because women are generally more formal, such as members of the disempowered classes intimidating, vocabulary 'women empowerment' has come to be related to the effort of women to social justice and equality. The procedure for challenging existing power relations and control in front of more sources of skill can be defined as empowerment. As a result of empowerment of women is separation of power between the sexes, which belies the hope of many people notice that the emancipation of women should not men powerless.
Current status of women's empowerment in Bangladesh: The place of women in Bangladesh is much lower than that of women. However, women symbol of a person half the resources of the country and one half of its potential. Their literacy rate is only 65 percent, which is 55.6 per cent for men, life expectancy is 58.1 years for men and 57.6 years for women. Humanity excessive among women because of favoritism led to a relationship in which there are 105 men per 100 women. On the state of the diet of women and girls is characterized by strong differences with that of men and boys. Concern for the health of women is often limited to their reproductive health. Violence against women is alarmingly increasing. The Bureau of Bangladesh figures in a special report in 1999 revealed that death due to unnatural causes is almost three times higher for women due to pregnancy related.
Despite the legitimate mandate, the visibility of women in public review was negligible. Their contribution to institutional development and the creation of decision is also minimal. Wage differential between men and women are very high in case of an employee.
Besides, the foundation of Bangladesh provide the following formal equality between men and women. There is no legal obstacle for women contest or vote for any elected office

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