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Policy of Bangladesh

Foreign Policy of Bangladesh

world, recent global cooperation and rivalry. Also the forces of globalization have made people jump to get closer to each other. Today, no country can escape from the area of ​​international border. A little 'all countries to relate with each other within certain internationally recognized rules, and customs system. However, every state has some policies and programs to keep his other relatives. These policies and programs to decide the positions of a state planning in the wider international political, economic, cultural and military. Like other countries, Bangladesh also has a foreign sovereign policy which is characterized by detachment, non-interference and friendship to all malice to none, and so non-alignment. However, in the early days of his appearance at the meeting, Bangladesh has tried to compete with malice changes in international political-economic and cultural changes away with its policies and programs. In this view the present government has given importance and BNP ward away the political and economic diplomacy.

The core values ​​of the foreign policy of Bangladesh: Article No. 25-1
(1) of our plant, he says, the purpose of our foreign government will be-
(2) to rule other high national public opinion and equality;
(3) Not to get in the way that any other country's internal matter;
(4) Thinking in key Pacific is an international problem;
(5) For international laws high opinion of the United Nations and deed;
(6) Depending on the base system;
a) Our state can not support any application;
b) Our state will test for total and universal disarmament;
c) Bangladesh will oppose imperialism, colonialism and apartheid;
d) Bangladesh will take the voice of the disadvantaged and distorted.
Article 25 (1) 2 say, Bangladesh will try to take his relationship with other Muslim countries.

Ingredient of the foreign policy of Bangladesh: Although Bangladesh is a sovereign state, sovereign and independent foraging has a policy, there are a number of ingredients of foraging rule in Bangladesh. Some of the ingredients impotent foreign rule in Bangladesh are as under:
1. Geo strategic place: The geo-strategic location of a country is an important ingredient of the rule of a foreign country. Thus, Bangladesh as a small country surrounded by India and the Bay of Bangle, should consider his ego-strategic position. We can not ignore the fact that we have a neighbor like India, which is stronger in all aspects of Bangladesh.

2. Economic dependence and interests: the national attention is considered the only reason behind making the foreign domination of a country. But the domination of a foreign state in developing countries like Bangladesh, mainly regulated by its economic dependence. Most of their policies are going to accelerate economic gain, in other words, aid and investment away.
3. Religious belief: No State can not ignore the religious attitude of their people in making foreign policy. Like other countries, Bangladesh has also the spiritual belief of his people into account in its distant politics. So, none of the governments since independence dared to ignore the Muslim world a bit 'all governments tried to explain that I am more concerned about Islam and Muslims around the world, particularly in the Middle East.

4. Configuration of international power: Although Bangladesh is not the center of the super powers or major powers and regional powers, has some significance as a leader of the Islamic state in the developing world. Even for his ego-strategic position and the normal resources, countries like the United States are concerned about our political science and family for granted. Thus, in making its foreign rule, Bangladesh can not ignore the great powers.
5. Regional configuration of power: Bangladesh is one of the players named regional policies. However, Bangladesh does not tend to hold any of the regional powers, particularly India and Pakistan. Rather, Bangladesh always tries to maintain an impartial position. What is most important is that the regional government has the necessary relevance to the foreign domination of Bangladesh.

6. Membership in international organizations: Bangladesh is a partner of almost all international organizations, including UN, NAM, OIC. Thus, Bangladesh is respected by the statutes, covenants and treaties and the values ​​of these and other related organizations.

7. National History and Politics: Bangladesh has a wonderful history of her own. Furthermore, the internal political affairs of the province sometimes shorter or Form control to a particular policy.
Current Trends: Trends in the distant politics and relations of Bangladesh may be listed as below.

First, what is the state to reorganize its distant rule in light of its socio-economic, geo-political and political-economic world. Here, the state is doing not stop his efforts to strengthen its relations with Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.

Thirdly, Bangladesh has remained strong on its principle of maintaining a good relationship with neighbors. In this high opinion, Bangladesh is trying its best to have a good connection with India in spite of the observations and irritating and antagonistic actions by his peers. In extra compensation, Bangladesh is making continuous efforts to collect its relationship with Myanmar, and other SAARC Strilakos was that the clarity provided by the chief of the political views of governments and Strilakos Minter.

Fourth, Bangladesh strappingly opposes both terrorism wall as foreign exp. Thus, Bangladesh has hated Twin Tower terrorist attack as well as several British-American belligerence against Iraq. However, some countries together with the United States and India at times, Bangladesh is producing its efforts to make the world community to understand that we have no family member with the terrorists in Bangladesh and there is no assembly involved in international terrorism.
Fifth, Bangladesh is attributed to be the immature organization of an organization like SAARC. But the organization has lost its integrity and affection mainly due to the carelessness of India. Thus, some of the foreign policy experts are participating in the taste of a regional organization ASEAN as a substitute.

Options for Bangladesh: the international standard is very complex and now the countries of the world in danger if he is the scapegoat for upcoming articles on terrorism in the case of reactions. Thus, Bangladesh as a Muslim state must do its foreign rule very carefully so that no one could give its position as a Muslim healthy condition. Thus, Bangladesh should take into consideration aspects folioing in making its policy at a distance.
First, although there are a number of conflicting issues between Bangladesh and India, we must do our effort to avoid any conflicts. However, we adhere to discover alternatives to India as China, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia as local partners.
Secondly, the anti-Bangladesh position of India should be addressed through embassy means that instead of testing of services. For this, we should be sensitive to our relationship with the Western powers. In addition, we protect our political influence between the external shape illegitimate.

Thirdly, the change here our diplomacy is positive that we are next economic diplomacy towards the east. More importantly, economic growth, the system can be easily communicated and recent developments imagine a bright future for relations Bangladesh abroad.
Fourth, Bangladesh has a potential to build a network message with China and some other Southeast Asian countries. In this regard, a road could be boiled up from the listing in Singapore through the Myanmar and Kualalampur. Even Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam could also be included in this road network.

Fifthly, we have a join ASEAN. It was noted that now India is the partner interview AEAN.
Seventh, since the inference, marinating a good relationship with the Middle East is considered as an important ingredient of Bangladesh foreign policy. So, in this period of transition in the state policy in the Middle East, Bangladesh must be careful of his policy in this region.
In the fen, we came to the cane close that third world Muslim guard, Bangladesh have some limits to make its political force. Thus, none of them could be ignored. Rather, we must understand our priorities in accordance with the demand of time and situation. So, we must be plastic with regard to our foreign policy and related

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