Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thirteenth amendment of Bangladesh Constitution

Thirteenth Amendment Constitution

The thirteenth amend of very important for this country. Recently Bangladesh supreme court cancel this amendment. But most of the Bangladeshi now movement to return this amendment

13th Amendment: The amend was accepted on 28th march 1996. It is said that a chief adviser with nine other advisers will form caretaker government. The chief adviser will be able to choose his advisers.

It provided for a non-party CARETAKER GOVERNMENT which, substitute as an temporary administration, would provide all potential assist and support to the Election Commission for investment the general election of members of the Jatiya Sangsad serenely, reasonably and fairly. The non-party caretaker government, comprising the Chief Adviser and not more than 10 other advisers,

would be together accountable to the president and would position dissolved on the date on which the prime minister entered ahead his office subsequent to the constitution of the original Sang sad major feature of the amendment --Maximum 70 years old, The latest retired chief justice will be selected if he is not being available then second latest retired chief justice. If not then a justice of appellate division of high court shall be selected.

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