Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eighth Amendment of Bangladesh Constitutional

8th Amendment

8th Amendment bill: This amendment has been accepted on 17th June 1988. In this amendment an article called 2(A) added saying that the state religion will be Islam.

It is also in this amendment that 6 benches of high court will be set up in six division Head Quarters. Amended the speech 'Bengali' into 'Bangla' and 'Dacca' into 'Dhaka' in Article 5 of the constitution. Amended Article 30 of the constitution by elimination reception of any designation, honors. reward or beautification from any distant state by any civilian of Bangladesh without the preceding authorization of the president. It probably will be prominent here that the Supreme Court consequently affirmed the alteration of Article 100 unauthorized given that it had misrepresented the fundamental configuration of the establishment.(Seventh Amendment)

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