Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Fourteenth amendment Constitutional

Fourteenth Amendment of constitution

14th Amendment: The constitution bill 2004 was passed by the Parliament in Bangladesh on may 16. 2005 incorporate in to the constitution set of probations that are at the center of a raging controversy. The bill was passed 226 to one.

The president assent it to on next day . The act come in the effect on December 8, 2004. Raise the retirement age of judges in supreme court: The Innocuous amendment has become controversial ,in particular the including that of the chief justice. This has a particular reason. The non party caretaker government under articles of 50b and 50c of the constitution , involves the last retired chief justice to become the chief adviser of the interim government.

Empower of the chief election commissioner to conduct the oath of the MPs: Ordinarily such provision is not necessary because the out going speaker or deputy speaker continues in office until a new parliament is selected. They hold a unique position in parliament style of government. with the dissolution of the government they do not lose their position because they are tied up with the continuity of the tenure of the parliament and not of the government. The following are the data at the glance about the amendment of our constitution till today.

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