Thursday, November 24, 2011

Constitutional Amendments Bangladesh Second and Third

What is second amendment,Third amendment

Previous I Posted about first amendmendment bill. Now I am posting about Second amendment and Third amendment of Bangladesh constitution.

Second Amendment Bill-The 2nd Amendment second amendment date of this bill is September 20, 1973. This act in effect (i) amend Articles 26, 63, 72 and 142 of the foundation, (ii) the replacement of Article 33, and (iii) the placing of a part that is original IXA in the constitution. The requirements were completed across this alteration for the postponement of certain fundamental rights of people in an urgent situation.

(For Definition of Constitution)

Third Amendment Bill-The date of this amendment is the third bill November 23, 1974. The establishment of the 1974 Act was enacted November 28, 1974 through altering Article 2 of the Constitution by means of a vision as a result of a generous conformity between Bangladesh and India in admiration of switching enclaves confidence and charm of the boundary linesconnecting India and Bangladesh

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