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Hartal In Bangladesh

Hartal Photo in Bangladesh

Strike In Bangladesh

Introduction: Hartal is a political weapon to be used with caution and discretion. This is what I used to be generally in the good old days when strikes were called by industrial works, students, political parties etc. were rare, because there were other means of political action that have been used with a greater degree of efficiency . The situation now is very different. Strikes as a form of political action have become very common in Bangladesh. Here, the party / parties in opposition always try to use hartal as a political weapon to remove the government. Instead, the party in power always tries to monopolize the power that sometimes give the ground for opposition hartal. Neither party think of popular interests. Their only goal is power.
Reasons behind frequent hartals in Bangladesh: There are a number of reasons behind frequent hartals in Bangladesh. The most important reasons may be involved as below: 1.The 'most important reason for frequent hartals in Bangladesh is the virtual liquidation of other effective means of political action. Party in power always tends to use their power as an instrument of political repression. Against the government crackdown, other peaceful means of protest as the hunger strike, procession, movement etc. are not effective. Government did not evaluate these democratic means of protest that are anti-government forces to take recourse to hartals
2.The 'narrowing of the political objectives is another important reason for frequent hartals in the country. Today, political parties and interest to resort to hartal lnly to achieve their narrow political ends rather than the interests of the people. They shamelessly pronounce different words in accordance with the difference in their position.
3. Another reason behind frequent strikes in the country is the intolerance and intransigence of the parties, both government and opposition. Neither party bI have any real moral or political, rather than shouting the name of democracy, development, rule of law and many other slogans.
4. The political unawareness and ignorance of the people is also responsible for unwary hartals in the country. Because of ignorance of the masses, political parties can take advantage of the popular forces in favor of their position, regardless of its merits and demerits.

Nature of hartals in Bangladesh: The hartal in Bangladesh has some distinctive features that are not seen in strikes in developed countries, including India.
First, hartal in Bangladesh is violent. Picketing in the streets and highways generally occur through violent actions, properties, harmful, openly firing and bombing on people, especially the police.
Secondly, the processions in favor and against the strike is common throughout the hartal. The opposition out only to safeguard people's rights and interests of the government and protest as the harbinger of peace. People become the scapegoat of clashes between the forces of pro-and anti-hartal hartal. The most devilish thing is that politicians consider these bodies to consider how their political value.
Third, other important features of hartal in the country is that, if called strike any party or group, people usually remain in their homes. Government to ensure people of all types of securities, while the opposition continues to threaten people not to leave home for their daily activities.
Fourth, the government always tries to prove that people have rejected the request of opposition to the strike and the opposition calling hartal thank all the people in general compliance with the Hartel. Then people become confused about their position.
Hertal and our political parties: it is obvious that means one end of an object are in inextricable relationship between them. In the present day Bangladesh, the reason for the virtual liquidation of other means of political action and the overwhelming dependence on the strike must be sought in the unprecedented reduction down policy objectives to remain in power in any way and to monopolize the power to As far as possible. Opposition parties also moved by the same basic considerations. They want to seize power as quickly as possible and for this they need to remove an elected government before the end of their term. In this report, government opposition, think it is irrelevant which party is in power and opposition which are what is known is that the ruling party behaves in a certain and definite opposition party has a precise pattern of behavior. And 'for this person that just the BNP and their government says and does say that the government do the same things that the AL used to say and do when they were in government. Similarly, the AL says and does exactly what the BNP say he used to do when in opposition. This is true regardless of differences of some very important factors and aspects of their propaganda.

As an example of these, the attitudes of the government and the opposition in respect of hartals and strikes can be mentioned.During the period 1991-1996 BNP was in government and at that time were very bitterly against the people and as a means to subvert the national production, development etc. Awami League said the same thing you did forward the same arguments against strikes and lockouts with some variations. Also, the present BNP government also saying the same thing and carry the same anti-hartal topics.
In terms of the BNP government of the League Awani been spurred by uncontrollable impulses to the conquest of power unlashed hertals and a series of strikes. Butr during their regime the memory of what they did as the main opposition not to hinder their work the words with regard to strikes and lockouts. Similarly what the BNP has said and done regarding hartals and strikes in opposition are now irrelevant for them. Another aspect of polities hartal in our country is that the police act arbitrarily against the opposition and the people. During the AL regime, armed presence of the ruling party during the hartal hours was more visible than the opposition.
In addition, hartals and strikes also provide an opportunity to different factions within the ruling party to settle their account s, and sometimes their abilities party men. In this way, but to kill two birds with one stone. Putting the blame for rivals within the party.
What should I do to get rid of hartal: With the advent of democracy and electoral politics, popular orientation toward hartal has changed a lot. Today, people usually reject any hartal, but do not support the government crackdown against the opposition. This attitudinal change can be said about a positive development in our politics. But what is unfortunate is that our politicians are not aware of popular sentiment. So to get rid of the cruch of hartal imprudent, the following points deserve special attention:
1.To get rid of hartals and strikes, both governments and opposition parties should show respect for democratic norms and values. They should promote the interests of popular consent.
2. Our opposition parties should not think negatively. Their policy should not be aimed at creating problems for governments rather than to protect the interests of the peoples.
3.The 'present opposition party, the AL should not follow the same path as the party of government, when in opposition BNP. Rather, they should pay due respect for parliamentary democracy, parliament is seen as the main area of debate and political decisions.
4. Government is also responsible for enhancing the views and orientations of the opposition. Otherwise, it is usually hopeless against the government. The police should not be used as BE4 workers party against the opposition.
5.Our media should act as a watchdog against hartal reckless and arbitrary acts and decisions of government. The media should clarify the merits and demerits of hartals and strikes for people.
6. The people themselves must be aware of their rights, duties, and destiny. They should give the hartal knowingly reckless and unpopular acts of the government.
Conclusion: Strikes and lockouts are now invariably marked by violence resulting in critical loss of life and other damages. Our politicians shamelessly use this crucial political weapon against the other without any regard to the interests of the people. Now the development in our political culture is the policy of breaking the strike which has again taken a consensus to get rid of hartals and strikes for the good of the people's interests and national development

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Introduction Afghanistan

Afganistan Map

Afghanistan is the greater Muslim country in the word. Afghanistan also situated in the south Asian region. Recenly Afghanistan Join Saarc as member. main problem of this county is crime problem. recently the countries attacked by nato army. This is running. The nearest country of Afghanistan is India And Pakistan

Afghanistan also close friend country of Bangladesh
(Introduction Bangladesh)