Thursday, November 24, 2011

First Constitutional Amendments Bangladesh

Constitution Amendment

The constitutional amendments of the Constitution of Bangladesh has been changed over a period of a few. The next version is epigrammatic of these acts and commands. The total amendment of Bangladesh constitution is 15. Here I describe the most important changes First amendment Bellow -

(If you need definition of Constitution)

First Amendment Bill-This was the first amendment to our Constitution. Manoaranjan Dhar is presented. It was about the trial of war criminal. Date of this amendment is July 15, 1973. Amended exhibit 47 of the Constitution by inserting an additional section that allowed the hearing and prosecution of any individual accused of 'genocide, crimes aligned with war crimes and other crimes civilization or act in the world. Following Article 47 Article 47A was inserted by specifying inapplicability of the original positive elementary constitutional rights in personal property of individuals.

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