Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sixth and Seventh amendment of constitutional

Six and Seventh Amendment

Previous Was Discussed First to Fifth amendment of Bangladesh constitution and definition of Constitution. Now I am Posting 6th and 7th amendment of Constitution.

6th Amendment Bill- The Amendment was passed 8 July 1981. The Sixth adjustment Act was enacted by the Jatiya Sangsad with a outlook to amending Articles 51 and 66 of the 1981 formation

7th Amendment Bill: The Amendment was passed 10 November 1986. It amended Article 96 of the formation; it moreover amended the Fourth timetable to the constitution by inserting a original subsection 19 thereto, on condition that between others that all proclamations,

public statement guidelines, Chief Martial Law Administrator's commands, Martial Law convention, soldierly Law commands, military Law directions, ordinances and other laws completed for the duration of the stage between 24 March 1982 and 11 November 1986 (mutually days comprehensive) had been authentically completed and would not be called in query in or previous to any court or tribunal or influence on any position at all.

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